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Sample Table: A table of machines, with links to one page describing unique aspects of each model.

ModelPart No.Native OSMB Flash / MB RAMStock Firmware
Compaq Evo T20238362-001Windows CE 2.1216 / 32Rapport 3.5.1
Compaq Evo T20238363-001Windows NTe48 / 64Rapport 4.35 B150
Compaq Evo T20238365-001Windows NTe96 / 128|Image
Wyse WT8235LE    

Sample Howto: Alternating text and code

A great way to see what files you have:

# ls 

Throw away some (don't try this at home!):

# rm -f *~ 
  1. Glutera, Properti semarang, Pintu dan jendela, Atap fiberglass

Sometimes you need more than one command (or a larger left indentation):

# wget
# wget 
# wget 

The wiki-text input for this is a little ugly. Life is tough, but we are strong.

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