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Model-Specific Hardware Details

Many versions of the T20 are in circulation, and several nearly identical machines were made by other manufacturers. Those known to the group are listed below. Each line of the table links to more detail about the model in question.

ModelFlashRAMPart No.Spare Part No.Native OSDetails
Compaq Evo T2016 Mb32 Mb238362-001242302-001Windows CE 2.12Details
Compaq Evo T2048 Mb64 Mb238363-001242303-001Windows NT embedded (no PXE)Details
Compaq Evo T2064 Mb96 Mb238364-001242304-001Windows NT embedded (no PXE) 
Compaq Evo T2096 Mb128 Mb238365-001242305-001Windows NT embedded (no PXE) 
Compaq Evo T2064 Mb64 Mb291697-001292221-001Windows NT embedded (w/ PXE) 
Compaq Evo T20128 Mb128 Mb308789-001306709-001Windows NT embedded (w/ PXE)Details
Compaq Evo T2016 Mb32 Mb291696-001292220-001Windows CE.NETDetails
Compaq Evo T2032 Mb64 Mbxxxxxx-xxx292219-001Windows CE.NET 
Compaq Evo T20192 Mb256 Mbxxxxxx-xxx309247-001Windows XP embedded (w/ PXE) 
Compaq Evo T20256 Mb256 Mbxxxxxx-xxx311580-001Windows XP embedded (w/ PXE) 
Wyse WT3200LE8 Mb16 Mb901992-02xxxxxx-xxxWindows CE 2.12 
Wyse WT3230LE16 Mb32 Mb902002-02xxxxxx-xxxWindows CE 2.12 
Wyse WT8230LE64 Mb64 Mb901997-02xxxxxx-xxxWindows NT Embedded (no PXE) 
Wyse WT8235LE??? Mb??? Mbxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxx??Details

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Hewlett-Packard main Evo T20 support page: Business Support Center - Compaq Evo Thin Client t20

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