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Linux on the EVO T20

Welcome! This is a project launched to coordinate the effort between HP/Compaq Evo T20 tinkerers. The Evo T20 was sold by Compaq and is a thin client with Windows CE, Windows NT embedded, or Windows XP embedded as an Operating System. Infos for this device, after the HP/Compaq merger, can be found here:

Our goal, which has been accomplished on several models, is to run various versions of Linux on it.

In the long run we hope to share much of our knowledge and experience on this wiki, but for now the main source of information is our mailing list (which is often quite active).

Getting Started

Newcomers to this adventure will find useful basic information on the Getting Started Page.


Many versions of the T20 are in circulation, and several nearly identical machines were made by other manufacturers. Look for details on the Main Hardware Page.


The device boots from NAND flash memory whose contents can be changed. Learn how on the Main Firmware Page.


Which kernel options are essential? Which drivers need patching before they work? How does the performance of version 2.6 compare with version 2.4? All these questions and more will eventually be answered on the Main Kernel Page.


"Running Linux on the T20" can have many meanings. At one extreme, the unit can serve as a linux-based terminal driver, displaying content generated by some server on the network; at the other, the T20 can do everything itself. Check the Main Distribution Page for details and links on the possibilities.


These two documents cover many of the points outlined above:

The first one is a lot newer than the second one, and the insights in some parts (especially the part about loading in GRUB) can be used with LTSP as well - as long as you understand what is going on.

Mailing list - open-evot20-discuss

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Archives (threaded, 500 messages)

About this wiki

This is a PmWiki. Look there for documentation.

Note: This wiki is stored on SourceForge's non-backed-up area, so it is our responsibility to back the contents up. This can easily be done by anybody simply by visiting and accepting the download.

This wiki is open to edit for everyone but to reduce the amount of spam (script-generated) it is password protected. The password is Voh7Wiex. (It is a bit cumbersome at the moment. Usually PmWiki remembers the password after entering it once but it doesn't seem like cookies are working at the moment...hmm...)

To upload file or source code we should use the Sourceforge services. File uploads through the wiki are disabled.

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